Dialogue with Filmmakers 2019 (Recap)

This year’s programme features in-depth dialogues with eight renowned documentary filmmakers and artists: Tsai Ming Liang, Jewel Maranan, Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff, Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska, Philippe Bellaiche and Luke Lorentzen.


21 – 28 . 03 . 2019  |  7:30pm


Studio Room 303, Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre, HKU

Jewel Maranan

Jewel Maranan is an independent documentary filmmaker and producer from the Philippines. She started working for independent documentaries in 2008, tackling conflict situations in Manila. Throughout the years, she has developed a deep interest in the ways by which history inches through ordinary life. She fixed her critical eye on the lives in the shadow of Tondo’s ever-engulfing port and finished her latest work IN THE CLAWS OF A CENTURY WANTING (2017), speaking for the silent from a small town near Manila. Jewel is an active participant in efforts to help develop Southeast Asian documentary through the SEA DocNet, a network of documentary professionals in Southeast Asia.

Dialogue with Jewel Maranan

Interview with Jewel Maranan

Tsai Ming-Liang

Born in Malaysia in 1957, Tsai Ming-Liang is one of the most prominent film directors of the new cinema movement in Taiwan. In 1994, his film VIVE L’AMOUR won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival, establishing his status in international cinema. In 2009, FACE became the first film to be included in the collection of the Louvre Museum’s “Le Louvre s’offre aux cineastes.” It has since become the benchmark for films venturing into the world of art galleries. His STRAY DOGS (2013) was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the 70th Venice Film Festival. In recent years, Tsai Ming-Liang has also moved on to installation art, showcased in exhibitions held in various cities including Taipei, Venice, Shanghai and Nagoya.

Dialogue with Tsai Ming-Liang (Part 1)

Dialogue with Tsai Ming-Liang (Part 2)

Bettina Perut & Iván Osnovikoff 

Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff have worked together since 1997 directing and producing documentaries. With seven feature films to their credit, their poetic journey is full of turning points and mutations that have accompanied the technological and cultural transformations of their time, challenging the most stable and conservative premises of what is meant by documentary filmmaking. Their work SURIRE (2015) is about the Surire salt flat located in the Chilean high plateau. As observation in visual language, it is a film that portrays this unique space in which natural beauty, human absurdity and cultural decline coexist.

Dialogue with Bettina Perut & Iván Osnovikoff

Interview with Bettina Perut & Iván Osnovikoff

Ljubomir Stefanov & Tamara Kotevska

Ljubomir Stefanov & Tamara Kotevska co-directed the documentary film HONEYLAND which won three awards at Sundance 2019 including World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary. Ljubomir Stefanov has over 20 years of experience in development and production of communication concepts and documentaries related to environmental issues and human development. He worked for clients such as UN agencies, EuroNatur and Swisscontact. Tamara Kotevska graduated in film directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje. She has 5-year experience in documentary and fiction film making as a freelance film director.

Dialogue with Ljubomir Stefanov & Tamara Kotevska

Interview with Ljubomir Stefanov & Tamara Kotevska

Philippe Bellaiche & Luke Lorentzen

Born in Paris, Philippe Bellaiche is an award-winning cinematographer. His latest production , which he also produced and co-directed, ADVOCATE features Lea Tsemel, a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who has represented political prisoners for five decades.

Luke Lorentzen graduated from Stanford University in art history and film studies.​ He directed MIDNIGHT FAMILY which won U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Cinematography at Sundance 2019. The documentary tells the story of the Ochoa family which runs a private ambulance in Mexico City, competing with other for-profit EMTs for patients in need of urgent help.

Interview with Philippe Bellaiche

Interview with Luke Lorentzen

Dialogue with Philippe Bellaiche & Luke Lorentzen (Part 1)

Dialogue with Philippe Bellaiche & Luke Lorentzen (Part 2)

Dialogue with Philippe Bellaiche & Luke Lorentzen (Part 3)