A creative hub bringing together brilliant minds and cutting-edge resources for filmmakers

Asia’s premier media and journalism school at Asia’s leading university

International faculty, top students and a global alumni network

Extensive pan-Asian partnerships through the JMSC and HKU

Deep knowledge of China and Asia

The JMSC organises various activities throughout the year, cultivating outstanding ideas in a unique creative environment. Visit our events page for the latest news on:

Environment and facilities

Housed at Eliot Hall, the JMSC has a variety of facilities (including a post-production room, digital media lab and student lounge), all equipped with the latest technology for producing new and innovative work. Filmmakers can access the facilities during their nine months of residency.

Research projects and network

A Chinese social media data collection and visualisation project

A systematic and multi-faceted research project focusing on Chinese journalism

Professional short courses and massive open online courses


Local, PRC and overseas media organisation partners